October 21, 2019
Valium in online pharmacies
Valium in online pharmacies
October 21, 2019

See stars, tingling in the hands or cold limbs – low blood pressure is when the blood pressure is below 100 to 60 mmHg. The lower limit is not as well defined as the high blood pressure limit. While high blood pressure can lead to serious illness, low blood pressure is usually much more benign. In this article, you will learn more about low blood pressure and how you can get it up to speed with some home remedies.

Forms of low blood pressure

Low blood pressure, also called hypotension, can be divided into four categories: there is an investment-related form, there is low blood pressure in acute shock situations, a symptomatic form that indicates another disease and orthostatic hypotension, so one calls adjustment difficulties of blood pressure at one Change of body position

Low blood pressure: symptoms

Low blood pressure is often associated with dizziness, especially in the morning. Other symptoms include fatigue, headaches and circulatory problems. But also loss of appetite, lack of concentration, shortness of breath and depressive mood can point to low blood pressure. Typical symptoms of acute hypotension can be sweating, black-eye and even fainting.

How to get your blood pressure going!

Low blood pressure is in most cases rather harmless and can be brought up a little with simple means. However, before you resort to the well-known home remedies, you should discuss with your doctor what is good for you personally or possibly not useful, because possibly there is a disease.

  • Exercise: A simple but effective way to raise your blood pressure is movement. Swimming, cycling, dancing or even hiking bring the cycle on tours. In orthostatic hypotension, getting up slowly or doing gymnastics while lying down can help: Stretch your feet and pull them back up or ride your bike while you’re lying down. Before you get up from the lying position, you should always have a sitting phase
  • Changing showers and brush massage: Introduce a change shower in the morning: first, shower as hot as you like, then shower cold for a few seconds. If the overcoming is too great, you can only shower your legs alternately warm and cold. After the shower you can help with special brushes the cycle on the jumps. Rub off your body with circular movements – it is especially pleasant with massage gloves
  • Diet: Anyone who suffers from low blood pressure, should always make sure that he takes enough liquid. Sodium-rich water is best because salt drives up blood pressure. Coffee, tea or Prosecco can boost blood pressure, but it only works for a short time. Even a balanced diet can have a positive effect on low blood pressure
  • Natural Remedies: Products with stimulating medicinal herbs can also relieve the symptoms – ginseng or hawthorn

Medicines for low blood pressure

With low blood pressure, it always depends on how seriously the person suffering from the symptoms suffers. If the general measures do not help, you can use preparations containing etilfragain in consultation with your doctor.

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