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September 17, 2021
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MMB-CHMICA or as it is also known MMB-CHMINACA is a designer drug synthesized from the plentiful and cheap “L” form of the suitable tert-leucinate catalyst.

MMB-CHMINACA is a synthetic substance which formula is C23H32N2O3. MMB-CHMINACA is an indazole-based designer drug. There is no enough data about its properties and side effects.

This research chemical is one of the newly-invented cannabinoids and has already began really popular among a wide range of scientists and researches who use it in their experiments and tests.

MMB-CHMINACA is other name of a synthetic research chemical called MDMB-CHMICA. This product is included into the group of cannabinoids which is based on indole and it is a powerful agonist of CB1 receptor. Molecular formula of MMB-Chminaca is

There is a similarity between MMB-CHMINACA and AB-FUBINACA.

But MMB-CHMINACA has a greater impact on such receptors as CB1 and CB2 in comparison with AB-CHMINACA.

CAS Number: N/A

MMB-CHMINACA molecular mass is 384.5 g/mol

Mono- hydroxylations and carboxylic ester function hydrolysis are two main MMB-CHMINACA metabolic reactions.

MMB-CHMINACA  is often sold as a white powder.

There are lots of MMB-CHMINACA  suppliers online, however you have to choose only substances of a high quality. MMB-CHMINACA  presented in our online store is just what you need for your researches as we offer only pure products.

MMB-CHMINACA is used in various experiments by scientists and laboratory workers in order to get to know new properties and effects of specific substances. It is important in this case to use only pure substances for receiving a good result.

MMB-CHMINACA must be purchased only by professionals who precisely know how to work with research chemicals.

MMB-CHMINACA is prohibited in lots of European countries among which are  Austria, Norway, Sweden, Dernmark, Germany, Greece, Hungary, etc. It is also forbidden in China and Canada.

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