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ProName: Etizolam CAS No: 40054-69-1
Molecular Formula: C17H15ClN4S Appearance: Powder
Application: Research Purpose Delivery Time: 3days
Package: Aluminum foil bag packaging Port: Poland, Germany, Ukraine
Production Capacity: 100 Kilogram/Week Purity: 99.9%
Storage: A cool, ventilated, dry place Transportation: Deliver by EMS; DHL; FEDEX; UPS; TNT
Limit Number: 5Gram Molecular weight: 342.8458

Chemistry of Etizolam

The chemical formula of Etizolam is “4-(2-Chlorophenyl)-2-ethyl-9-methyl-6H-thieno[3,2-f][1,2,4]triazolo[4,3-a][1,4]diazepine”. The molecular weight of this drug has been calculated to be 342.07 g/mol and the purity of this substance in its purest forms has been calculated to be approximately equal to or greater than 99.5%. The recommended storage temperature for the drugs is either room temperature or between 20oC to 25oC while the stability of the molecule of this drug is known to be equal to or greater than two to three years. The Etizolam although it is listed as a research chemical it has also been actively prescribed for use in medical treatment for anxiety. Buy Etizolam Powder Online

What is Etizolam used for?
Etizolam is known to cause anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, and muscle relaxation effects on administration and has been prescribed for medical use in such cases as well. The drug can cause appetite enhancement though this effect doesn’t appear in all of the users. This drug is also known to be used for stress reduction and memory relocation. The drug is also known to be used by people for recreational purposes as it can produce effects such as ego inflation, emotional suppression, and a sense of sobriety. It has also been used by people for recreational purposes.

Effects of Etizolam
The drug has wide-ranging applications and has been used by both researchers and common people. The drug causes effects of physical, psychological, and subjective effects when administered. The drug causes a feeling of weakness and motor loss control. It causes physical euphoria and hindrance in the person’s ability to breathe freely. The drug also causes feelings of sleepiness and sleep depravity. The drug also associates cognitive effects as it can cause dysfunctional behavior in the body’s ability to perform normal functions by affecting the motor nerve functions. It can also cause short-term memory loss by impacting the hippocampus region in the brain.

Motivational and energy level suppression is also caused by the drug while it also affects the thought processing ability of the human brain as well.

The impurities in the drug can also cause toxicity.

Where can you buy Etizolam powder?
Pure and high-quality FUB – AKB48 is supplied by our online pharmacy worldwide and at a very affordable price to labs, pharmacies, research centers, and individuals. Buy Etizolam Powder Online

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