October 19, 2018
October 21, 2019

More and more people complain of neck pain. Often there is a malpractice behind it. Also work overload or malposition of the cervical spine can cause these symptoms. We clarify the causes. When to see a doctor, you can find out here. Buy Xanax online

The back part of the neck is called the neck. The neck supports the mobility of the head and upper body. From a purely physical point of view, the cervical spine is part of the neck. But also their interaction with the neck, nerves and muscles is worth a look. The muscles of the neck are the continuation of the back muscles. It provides stretching, stretching and flexion. The inclination of the head also depends on the healthy functioning of the neck region. Important nerves and tendons run through the neck area. If they are overloaded, neck problems can arise. It is important to solve these causes of neck pain.

How do you recognize neck pain?

Often one senses a burning and stinging on the outer cervical spine, followed by movement disorders. Functional disorders can occur in the form of acute or chronic pain in the neck, neck, shoulders, arms, or at the back of the head. Whoever discovers these phenomena should act. Buy Xanax online. Affected individuals can provide self-help to a certain extent.

If the symptoms get worse, you should consult the doctor. In most cases, the doctor determines hardening between the neck and shoulder. If the puncture pulls into arms and fingers, a specialist should be consulted. Imaging and bottlenecks are visualized using imaging techniques.

If permanent neck pain with flickering in front of the eyes and movement disorders occur, seek medical help immediately! Because here is the suspicion of a serious injury to the cervical spine close, which requires immediate medical attention.

What causes can neck pain have?

The causes are many. On top of the list of causes are muscle tensions, for example due to long sitting. Also, the excessive use of tablet or smartphone and the associated oblique attitude with lowered head is unfavorable. by the long staring on mobile phone, Tablet & Co. get more and more younger people a stiff neck. Who displaces the alarm signal as a young person, may have to fight with age all the more so.

The stronger the physical discomfort, the stronger the tension. This should be countered early with compensation exercises.

Other causes

The cause of chronic neck pain can also be rheumatic diseases. Heavy physical work can also lead to signs of wear and tension. In addition to poor posture can also arise on the soul disorders in the neck. Who is sad, listless and tired, often lowers his head. A tilted head can have a lasting negative effect on our neck. Teeth grinding, tongue presses and a too high or too low lying position can also add to the neck muscles.

What to do for neck pain?

Complaints in the neck are uncomfortable. However, they are usually considered harmless. Often they are the result of a wrong attitude. The treatment of permanent neck pain requires an accurate diagnosis by the physician. If it is a pure tension, it helps to give up the restraint and to become active.

An attentive and targeted movement program prevents further tension. It prevents the shortening of the muscles. In permanent, temporary and chronic neck pain this can solve the spasm.

What to do if you have severe neck pain?

The treatment of permanent muscle tension and strong neck pain usually involves constant, athletic activities. The goal is the early resumption of participation in everyday life. At the center of the body work are ill health and strengthen the back and neck muscles. Gladly pain relieving agents are also used. These reduce the pain sensation and allow easy exercises.

What remedy for neck pain?

In question are purely soothing, but also anti-inflammatory analgesics. A massage with special drugs from the pharmacy can also contribute to the relaxation of the muscles, while it hardly solves the cause of the mental disorder.

Tip: We are happy to advise you on over-the-counter remedies from the pharmacy. Talk to us about it!

What helps quickly against neck pain?

People who have a stiff neck want quick relief. Quick relief can bring warm rheumatism baths and mindful self-massage. Even a short-term heat radiation can solve the cramped neck muscles. In particular, heat patches keep the areas warm for hours. The wearing of a neck brace can relieve, but only makes sense in the short term. Finally, the neck should be kept moving. Relaxation exercises with very simple and easy neck movements help to maintain and improve the mobility. This is how the acute neck pain dissolves. If these tips barely on, it makes sense to visit a doctor in a timely manner.

What is a mobile neck?

The smartphone age brings a lot of joy. But it can also provide a “kink” on the side neck area. With the mobile phone on the ear it quickly comes to tense muscles. The head or neck is often held at an angle. This leads to bad tension in the muscles. The cervical spine or the back of the neck soon gets us wrong. The first symptoms of a mobile phone neck, for example, may be pulling pain on the side of the neck. It can also cause tension headache, as well as arm and cramps of the shoulder girdle. A mobile neck needs relief. That’s why you should be able to put your smartphone aside. The one-sided movement and the unnatural attitude is best counteracted with balance sports and relaxation exercises.

What do neck pillows & Co. bring?

Neck Pillows & Co. help to find a healthy sleeping position as well as an advantageous sitting position for the neck. Carriers of the so-called neck bunches experience relief in the area of ​​the cervical spine and shoulder with regular use. But the sole wearing of the neck pillow scores first improvement, if the neck is also maintained and trained outside of sleep time. Affected persons should pay attention to a straight sitting position and an equally straight shoulder position.

What to do for neck pain in the office?

Anyone who pursues a sedentary activity should always get up and move. It does not matter whether you walk up and down the hall, visit the restroom or enjoy a coffee from the canteen. The main thing is to keep your muscles healthy. After all, it is they who carry our bodies through the day.

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