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Diazepam 5 mg Online

September 14, 2021
Risk Of Diazepam To Pregnancy
February 19, 2023

Diazepam 5 mg is an often prescribed medicine. It is mainly used in the treatment of anxiety and panic attacks. It also performs well in cramps, epilepsy and certain types of sleep disorders. The drug was even included in the list of essential medicines by the WHO. It contains substances and agents that should be readily available to any person in the world when needed to meet at least the most urgent needs in terms of medical care. 

prescription requirement

Because it makes you addicted quickly Diazepam  is   only available by prescription in Germany and most other countries. This also applies to low-dose preparations, such as the “diazepam 5 mg tablets” from various manufacturers. Due to the triumph of the Internet, however, a “gray market” has emerged in recent years, dominated by free Internet pharmacies. There are many prescription drugs available for free. The prices are hardly higher than in a “normal” pharmacy.

Online provider

Among the best sellers of online providers include, in addition to various slimming products, all types of low-dose benzodiazepines . These are usually ordered by customers who are “swapped out” by their family doctor from a medication with diazepam. Since these persons no longer receive any diazepam prescriptions from the doctor in the desired quantity, they are turning to online pharmacies. The order process is the same as other online shops. Anyone who has ever used one, is also able to order drugs such as diazepam 5 mg.

Unlike medications that are considered narcotic (this includes most of the stronger benzodiazepines, as well as all strong tranquilizers and sleep aids) the consumer has no serious consequences when ordering diazepam in small quantities. Only in rare cases one must expect the imposition of a small fine. This can happen, for example, when the customs intercept a delivery during a random inspection. The purchase of a pack of Diazepam 5 mg is, according to the currently valid laws in Germany, merely a misdemeanor and not a crime in the legal sense. Due to the rather insignificant consequences, many people have no problem with using offers of such online pharmacies, when the doctor no longer prescribes the desired drug.

The doctors role

It can be observed that such patients change their doctor very often. They often do that until they find a doctor who writes them a prescription. Due to the business model of Internet pharmacies, however, such a frequent change of doctor is no longer necessary. As soon as the patient understands this, in most cases they stay with the doctor to whom they have already established a bond of trust. It just changes their source for certain medications. Doctors can continue to provide advice and help if the patient decides to stop taking the medication.

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Diazepam 5 mg: Commercially available blisters from Actavis

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