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Best sleeping pills for suicide

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December 6, 2019
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Best sleeping pills for suicide

According to the records, most people attempt to commit suicide by using sleeping pills. This makes it the most common way compared to others like jumping in front of a moving train. Sleeping pills work by slowing down the functions of the body parts, relaxing the muscles and inducing sleep chemically.

Theoretically, sleeping pills will stop the entire body system, including the respiratory system, the nervous system and the cardiovascular system. When this happens, you will eventually die.

Overdose of sleeping pills

Sleeping pills have the anesthetic and calming features that help kill the person without pain or agony. These features make it one of the most common in cases of suicide. The death of Marilyn Monroe is a known case of suicide related to sleeping pills. However, this process does not guarantee 100% that you will not survive the suicide attempt. Police and relatives found unconscious individuals who were trying to commit suicide but failed. So keep in mind that overdose does not always work. Missed suicide attempts always lead to a trip to the hospital near you.

The reason most sleeping pills can fail nowadays is that manufacturers are no longer producing them. Doctors no longer prescribe sleeping pills powerful enough to kill you. However, you can find relatively high dosage pills in hospitals although they are used in patients undergoing painful surgeries.

Sleeping pills readily available on the market are no longer potentially lethal compared to those found on the market a few years ago. Current formulas have a softer formula, which is not lethal because they are chemically designed to be safe for human consumption. Manufacturers strive to ensure that sleeping pills are only used for the purpose for which they were designed and not as suicide pills. However, if you take an overdose with existing sleeping pills, its qualities will continue to cause significant damage to your body despite the lower risks they contain.

What are the specificities of overdose in sleeping pills?

The details are a crucial thing to consider if your goal is to end your life by taking an overdose of pills. Depending on your health and age, your level of tolerance to the pills may differ from that of another person who has used them successfully. If you are healthy and energetic, you may be tolerant to pills, increasing your chances of survival. There are also other factors such as the chemistry of your blood with medication and the possibility of someone interrupting your suicide attempt. Typically, overdose victims of sleeping pills have been drinking because it takes a while before you start to doze them before you feel the lethal effects of sleeping pills.

Since modern manufacturers manufacture drugs by focusing on the nervous system, it is possible that modern pills cause significant damage to your damage. When you take the prescribed dosage, the pills have few side effects, which presents a minimum risk of death. However, when taken in large amounts, they have the ability to close the body through receptors and neuronal organs.

Effects of surviving an overdose of sleeping pills

The most common short-term effects are headaches and short-term failures of your body’s organs. However, the long-term effects are fatal and can paralyze your body, damage your organs and sometimes people become mentally unstable by losing their memory. Other survivors eventually became delusional and paranoid.

People often try to end their lives with sleeping pills, so many people assume that they have serious psychological problems. This has made overdose of sleeping pills a major topic in the world of psychology. Although these cases are linked to mental illnesses and physical stress, there are other issues that may make victims want to end their lives.

With how many pills can you overdose without pain?

It’s extremely difficult, even for the experts, to tell you how many pills can kill you. First, it is impossible to swallow them and die immediately, because they take time to feel their fatal effects. Your body will also try to reject the pills and will force you to vomit, thus changing your suicide attempt.

Another thing that makes it difficult to tell how many pills can kill you without pain is that people are different. A healthy and energetic person will need more pills compared to a weak, elderly person and vice versa. It is wise for individuals to understand their body before trying this method.

For the pills to work, you can take a full bottle. That’s if you’re sure to end your life. Another tip is to crush the pills to get fine particles and to prepare a liquid with warm water. Instead of using your mouth, you can administer the tablets to your body through the anus. This will allow him to be faster on the nerves and the system. This will increase the chances of your death if you do not do it 100%.

Some people have used this method with drugs such as ecstasy or alcohol to make sure they are absorbed faster by your system. The more you overload your body with toxic substances, the more likely you are to die. Do not do it like a rock. Is like a pro!

What are the best options nearby?

As you have seen, sleeping pills do not guarantee the success of your suicide attempt. However, as a store, we have a better option for you. Have you heard of Nembutal? It offers a 100% chance of not surviving. We sell quality Nembutal all over the world in a safe and discreet way. When you buy from us, we’ll give you the full advice of a team of experts on how to make sure you do not survive. Contact us today and place your order at a fair and affordable price.

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